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100% naturally extracted without residue and minimal side effect, Innovative nature of Cappiness, Capsules increase the sexual of women from Thailand.

Premium product from natural extracts with quality certification from GMP Asian, approved by FDA for its safety, and results guaranteed by the country’s leading research institutions.

FDA registration No.: G 38/56

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Innovative nature of Cappiness, Capsules increase the sexual of women.


There is important ingredients “Angelica Sinensis”, which can extract the Phytoestrogen) with properties like female hormone estrogen, a good smell, make heat active, have a substance called coumarin that can relieve stress, reduce the muscle tension, relax the body, increased Testosterone levels and stimulate blood circulation in the body and also help women reach the orgasm easier.

The important ingredients and properties

  • Ginseng: stimulates the blood circulation and nurture the blood
  • Danggui: increased hormones, reduce the pain
  • Ginkgo leaves; have antioxidant activity, Cancer Prevention and ant-aging, increase the flow of blood to the brain, stimulate the blood circulation
  • Chinese Wolfberry: help to build the healthy blood cells, improve White blood cells, Sexual Enhancement, help in reproductive system, Anti-nausea of pregnancy, Inflammation of rheumatoid arthritis, and strengthen the muscles
  • Yang Guo: help to stimulate the blood circulation.

How to eat: 1 capsule before meals

Storage: keep in its pack until used. Store at room temperature below 25°C, keep away from direct sunlight and do not refrigerate.

cappiness women sex pills

Things that woman does not know

“Over 70% of women do not reach the orgasm!!!”

Pro. Dr. Punsak Suparalerk, an Obstetrician revealed that currently, 79 percent of men always reach to the orgasm every time they have sex. But women only 30 percent can reach to the orgasm while the other 70 percent cannot reach to the orgasm.

Women can reach to the orgasm from masturbate rather than having sex. When women cannot reach to the orgasm, some may be faking that she reaches to the orgasms and lie the man. This woman who cannot reach to the orgasm will feel the stress. If a man caught the lie, it could cause the problems, wrangle and lead to divorce in their marriage life. Some may turn to dating with women because women will know the needs of women together.

cappiness evens

Making love is a love expression with the body language; women have to spend more time to reach the orgasm than men. Normally, an average of making love to reach the orgasm of man will spend around 3-5 minutes while woman is abound 13. If man cannot coax or stimulate woman, even he has a good technique, he cannot make woman reach to the orgasm. When it not success, men will go to the star but woman will remain to that position. These women cannot do anything and will be not happy. It the woman had an orgasm by herself such as masturbate and man cannot make her satisfy so she will addict to that way and this is another reason that makes woman unhappy too.

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  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    After having a baby i had low sex drive so my friend recommended trying these supplements…and omg i feel like a new person, feel young and beautiful again and full of desire! A must try!

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