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Turning you to become a charming playboy overnight With CAPPRA capsule; mysterious weapon for men. Your sexual power can be increased so that you can prolong every game of love. It will be better and the amazing happiness will infinitely be with you. Your special one will gain the charming and unforgettable experience with you.

CAPPRA: Natural charm

CAPPRA is in the form of black capsule with the properties in empowering the sexual potency for men. It can adjust the balance and improve the quality of male’s reproductive system with 100% of natural ingredients. There is no chemical residue like other general chemical medicine.

CAPPRA Ingredient

With the idea in naturally adjusting the balance and focusing more on care than the treatment, CAPPRA’s ingredients emphasizing on increasing the benefits, adjusting the balance of weakness. CAPPRA can improve male’s reproductive system thoroughly by:

  • Adjusting the balance of kidney which is the central unit of urologic system
  • Increasing the efficiency of muscles and prolonging each game of love with more endurance
  • Increase blood circulation to the penis (sexual organ) so it can be fully erect within 30-40 minutes (after the capsule is taken into the empty stomach).

100% naturally extracted without residue and minimal side effect With 12 of major natural ingredients such as:

  • CervusnippontemminckEmpowering and recovering the kidney system to return to the balance condition Following the principle of naturally filling the insufficiency and expelling the excess
  • Epimediumbrevicornum maxim Being considered as Sexual Enhancer by foreign medical treatment With similar properties as Viagra, your sexual organ will be better erect for longer duration
  • Cynomoriumsongaricumrupr Enhancing the system of muscles and bones particularly and most directly
  • Cistanchedeserticola y.c.ma Enhancing the blood cycle to freely flow without obstruction

Distinctive with 3 important standards and with the safety assurance from CAPPRA

  • Every CAPPRA capsule has been certified of safety by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA)
  • Manufactured from the factory with the standard of GMP Asean and there are only 6 factories in Thailand.
  • Having been tested that the properties and efficiency are satisfactory according to the Clinical Trial by No. 1 university of Thailand

Difference between 100% naturally extracted and other general chemical medicine is as follows:

  • Similar properties to Viagra
  • More bone-on with longer duration and more quick recovery
  • No prescription required
  • No residue in the body

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  1. Hello. I’m from Malaysia and I would like to promote your product.
    With my interest would you side don’t mind to share the information to get the large stock.

  2. Need more informaton on capra and price

  3. Would there be a benefit in taking one Cappra capsule along with one Manex capsule or would this be to much for a sexually active with only my wife? I am a 62 year old man and I need to get back my larger size and rock hardness so I can satisfy my wife’s needs and more often than once a week.

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